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Finalist for "Best New Theatre Company"

 The Chicago Reader's "Best of Chicago" 2019 list

Morning in America

"...a razor-sharp, disconcertingly relevant, and up-to-date discourse for our times."

"...a highly perceptive and entertaining performance."

"[Taylor] McWilliams-Woods’ fine directing makes a controversial and highly conversational play extremely watchable."

-Julia Rath, Around the Town Chicago

Me Too Monologues

"Me Too Monologues with Connective Theatre Company and Awakenings is more than a performance of monologues written by and performed by people sharing their own experiences, even though that is a feat of its own. It is a study, a lesson, and an experiment on how to create theatre that takes a painful experience and spreads the lesson and healing without creating more pain." 

-Sophie Vitello, Chicago Theatre Review

One Flea Spare

" intoxicatingly good production posing questions that will nag your brain like an itch you can’t scratch after leaving the theatre." 

"Taylor McWilliams-Woods, as the birdlike Morse, opens and closes the show with monologues told with thrilling ferocity."

"With fight choreography by Bobby Duncalf and intimacy design by Leah Huskey, we get the truth of the moments without losing momentum or becoming sloppy." 

-Sophie Vitello, Chicago Theatre Review

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